Friday, September 14, 2007

W.A.S.T.E.--September 2007 (Indy Car)

September 9th, Dug came home from the Indy Car races at Chicago Motor Speedway, covered in rubber fragments. He was sitting on a golf cart, facing away from the track working. As the cars rounded turn 4, he heard a car hit the wall and the cameraman yell "Duck!" There's nothing like the sound of metal scraping concrete, down the length of the turn, through headphones, while debris rains down through a chain link fence.

The shoot was Sept 8th & 9th following driver, Scott Sharp, #8. Luckily he was NOT the one who hit the wall. He drives for Rahal Letterman Racing, sponsored by Patron spirits. Dug came home with a hat and a couple bright green hotwheels Indy Cars for the kids. I wanna know where my bottle of Patron Tequila is! Maybe next year.

In past years, working the Indy Car Races, he's followed Danica Patrick, Dale Ernhart, Jr. and Ed Carpenter.

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