Friday, September 14, 2007

W.A.S.T.E.--February 2007 (Atlanta vineyard)

February 8-10th, Dug stayed at a vineyard resort in Atlanta, GA and shot interviews with Doctors. Must be nice to see how the other half lives. Ah, drug money from Sepricor and Lunesta.

It was a brutally cold, typical Chicago February week, and both kids were sick. Dug cheerfully called from sunny Atlanta and was complaining that he forgot a swimsuit and couldn't go in the amazing hot tub. Oh that's rough. I came really close to hanging up on him. He didn't even bring home bottles of wine for us because he didn't want them to break on his thousands of dollars worth of gear. Do they have FedEx in the south, darlin'?

February 17 & 18th, Dug was back in the warm south on a Model Search NYC in Dallas, TX. Next time he heads south in February, I swear I'm stowing away in one of his flight cases.

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