Monday, June 11, 2007

Worlds Collide

When Dug showed up Sunday for the next episode of "Home Made Simple", the new homeowner's place was a 2 flat with 2 couples who all looked familiar. They played the "where do I know you from?" game, throwing out likely kids' haunts like Northpark Nature Center, Avondale Gymnastics, and the kids' current schools.

Finally, they figured out that our daughter Sage went to pre school last year with children from both families! What are the odds. The one daughter was especially memorable because she's Sadie and was part of the infamous S's--Sadie, Sagie & Saylor. I can't give away too much since the show won't air for a while, but the two families are major players in the Chicago theatre scene and include actors, writers and producers among their collective parental ranks.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

40 day shoot

Dug's on a 40 day shoot for "Home Made Simple" on The Learning Channel through mid July. . He's come home with some great tips for our endless rehab projects on our 1913 home. Our 17 year locust invasion made the last outdoor shoot a challenge. They added their own audio track buzz and dropped from the trees on Dug enmass. Two crawled inside his shirt and fell out later on the homeowner's rug, and Dug had to wrangle the insects back outside. Not the brightest bugs in the insect world.

Dug was impressed that the talent, known as the 3 mavens, do most of their own work. The trio includes a carpenter, an interior decorator and a cook. We're getting lots of useful info and can use all the carpentry and cooking advice we can get!