Friday, September 14, 2007

W.A.S.T.E.--August 2007 (Dave Matthews Band--Most Ferocious Drummers & Lion's Club)

August 26th, Dug shot at Alpine Valley Music Theatre for the "Most Ferocious Drummers" documentary. He interviewed Carter Beauford, drummer for Dave Matthews Band.

During sound check he discovered that Ian, a co-worker from Metro from way back in the day, is Monitor Mixer for DMB. He's been exclusively doing their tours for years.

The interview went so long that the opening band "The Roots" began their set. It was a challenge to shoot under the stage and get usable audio with a band rocking out overhead.

August 16th and 17th, Dug drove to central Wisconsin for a Lion's Club shoot. They flew a little, blind girl in from Iraq for a cornea transplant. The film crew was at the airport and ready to film the arrival, with an entourage of about 20 Lions and a local host family.

Everyone disembarked, little blind girl. It seems that the elderly, non English speaking Grandmother, who was the child's escort, and her granddaughter, missed the flight. Too bad the 20 Lions (who are actually based in Chicago) and the host family weren't at O'hare to welcome and assist, instead of in the smallish "Central Wisconsin Airport" with it's couple of terminals.

The film crew stayed at the airport till 11pm and were never told exactly what went wrong. We had these visions of the Grandma and blind child wandering around lost in mega behemoth O'hare, unable to negotiate the maze of terminals or read the signs. Or, even worse, we thought they might have been detained and searched so long that they missed the plane. So much for American hospitality and charity. Fortunately, they showed up on the first flight in the morning.

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