Sunday, March 30, 2008

March 2008--Drew Barrymore for World Hunger

March 3rd, Drew Barrymore arrived in Chicago to tape an appearance on "Oprah" and announce her generous million dollar donation to The United Nations World Food Program, WFP. Dug filmed her receiving a diplomatic passport at The Chicago Board of Trade. She was with her boyfriend, Justin Long-- "the Mac guy". Traders did a little mock trading with reps from the U.N. World Food Program to speculate how to make their money go farther and feed the most people.

February 2008-"Gangland" for The History Channel

Dug was "released" from Stateville, and went right back to gang territory, for a TV show for The History Channel called "Gangland". For a week he roamed the streets on Chicago's west side, interviewing gang members and crack heads. All the crew members used aliases and Dug was dubbed Johnny Chicago, after the crew discovered his uncanny sense of direction and insider parking tips. Beats being called the human GPS.

January-February 2008-- "Lock Down" for National Geographic

For three weeks, Dug trecked down to Joliet to shoot in Stateville maximum security prison for National Geographic. Our preschooler gleefully told her teachers and friends, "My Daddy's in prison." Fortunately his "incarceration" was short lived, since he said it was a bit depressing to go there every day. In the roundhouse, the last circular prison in the nation, the noise was overbearing. The residents yelled if they wanted to be noticed and make it on TV. And they yelled if they wanted the film crew to leave. Of course, all the inmates claimed that they were innocent. The "Nat Geo" Crew were good to work with and Dug's hoping his next gig with them is somewhere more warm and exotic.............where he can take his lovely family.............hint hint.

January 2008

In January, Dug started 2008 recording a play for The Albany Park Theatre Project. The sign pictured above, is from the play, entitled "Aqui Estoy", which detailed the plight of illegal aliens.

December 2007--The Beast with Patrick Swayze

The month of December was spent shooting The Beast, a pilot for an episodic FBI show, shot here in Chicago. Dug worked with other IA476 union sound guys, David Obermeyer and Jimmy Gaudio. Unfortunately, the series is still up in the air after Patrick Swayze's recent diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. We wish him all the best medical care, little pain and fewer rumors of his imminent demise.,2933,335210,00.html

December 2007

Friday, March 28, 2008

November 2007-Vince Vaughn, Green Network, Shooting Texas children

Dug flew to San Antonio in November, with KRT, to shoot Texas school children (No children were actually harmed in the making of this video). Pictured above is camerman, Anthony Florez. Over the past few years, Dug has worked on upwards of 20 different videos for Pearson's educational series for teachers.

Dug interviewed Vince Vaughn and Rachel Weiss at the November premier of "Fred Clause", for Celebtv. Now that the "Fred Clause" DVD is out, it also contains interviews in the bonus material, that Dug did earlier in the year.

Dug also continued to work for his long term, regular clients, Karl Productions. He has worked for them for over 12 years on local shows like "Crime Watch", "Connections", and shoots for the Chicago Fire Department.

He also worked for Production Craft, other long term clients. Dug has worked with them on shoots for MSNBC, the Board of Trade, Nancy Grace and CSPAN's "Book TV".

Dug shot new content for The Discovery Channel's upcoming proposed Green Network. He worked for two days at Green Build at McCormick Place, where hundreds of eco-friendly vendors networked.

Finally, Dug worked a press conference with Illinois Representative Bean.

October 2007-- "What's the Matter With Kansas" documentary

In October, Dug was back with Joe and Laura, documentary filmmakers with Owmyey. Dug's worked on "What's the Matter With Kansas" with them over a span of two years. These photos are from S.P. Dinsmoore's Garden of Eden in Lucas, Kansas. The cameraman avoiding the semi, is T.W. Li, fellow Chicagoan and teacher at The Art Institute.

This trip to Kansas was the last shoot before the documentary hit the editing suite. Laura was 7 months pregnant and has since given birth to son, Milo Cohen Winston on 12/27. Big congrats!

September 2007 American Greed

Throughout September and October, Dug filmed American Greed for CNBC. He traveled to Washington DC & Mississippi, where the above pictures were taken, outside of Elvis' birthplace in Tupelo, Mississippi. Check out under American Greed case #2 Preying on Faith, for the scoop on the FBI raid on predatory pastor Abraham Kennard.

September 2007 Fermi Lab

Dug shot an episode of "The Answers", at Fermilab, a national science laboratory of the Department of Energy's Office of Science. The machine in this photo looks like a surreal sci-fi movie set and is used to create protons. These protons are then destined to travel at the speed of light, through Fermilab's proton excellerator, a 3 mile circle. Look out! Dr. Who could drop in any moment with the Tardis.