Monday, September 27, 2010

Go Bears

Tonight Dug is working pre and post game interviews for The NFL Network.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dug Production Sound -- 2010

These photos are Dug and his 9 year old son.   This series is titled "try my gear on early so you choose to be a veterinarian instead of a location sound engineer.  You may still have to lift heavy animals, but you won't have to hump them around for 12 hours and run down the street with them strapped to your body!"

Dug is still out in L.A. working on more episodes of American Greed for CNBC, with Bill Kurtis's company, Kurtis Productions.   Then he's back in Chicago to do more episodes of Giuliana and Bill, or G & B, as the crew calls 'em, for The Style Network.

Then he's shooting the first season of a Missing Person's show and back out to handle more episodes for Mysteries at the museum for The Travel Channel.

When he gets back in town, we'll compile a 2010 highlights slideshow, to get everyone back up to date on Dug Production Sound projects.   Here are a few past projects we missed blogging about.  Dug's worked with Kanye West on a benefit concert aired on Fuse.

He's also shot multiple segments for a local police ride along show that's getting picked up, and he also covered a number of city shows for Karl Productions.

For now, here's a mini slide show featuring U.S. Winter Olympic Athletes Dug interviewed for a number of Last Call With Carson Daly episodes for NBC.   The shoe guru and a few shots of Carson checking out Chicago are in there as well.

Double click on the slideshow for full screen options.

We're also going to get all "this decade" and add Twitter, so you can follow Dug around town and around the world, with quick updates and fun photos.  See you out there.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Paranormal Cops Tuesday Nights on A & E

photo by Chad Feuerhelm

Here's Dug with cast and crew members of Paranormal Cops, at their premier party.   Now, you too can watch an episode WITH the paranormal cops.   Tomorrow night, Chicago's own resident ghost busters will be viewing the 3rd episode at the Stag's Head Irish Pub, where the episode was filmed. It's on Archer Ave. in Willow Springs, Illinois. "Paranormal Cops" is on @ 10:30pm/9:30CT on A&E.  So tomorrow night, head on down to meet the team.

Paranormal Cops Episode:  Stirring Up The Dead airs this Tuesday night.  A&E has clips for all the shows on and "Paranormal Cops" is listed as number 8....and #1!   The Facebook Fan Group has over 1,000 members now, too, so check it out.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Paranormal Cops Premiers Tonight at 9:30PM on A & E

Dug was Sound Supervisor for the first season of Paranormal Cops, which airs tonight at 9:30 central time.
Chicago Paranormal Detectives will star in their own ghost hunting series on A & E, with the long awaited premier.   Check out the normal, abnormal and paranormal with a team of police officers by day; paranormal cops by night.

They had some of the best swag of the year with glow in the dark Chicago Paranormal Detectives crew shirts and glassware, plastic handcuffs and little plastic cops.  

You can also become a fan on Facebook or Twitter.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Here's To Great Sound Again In 2010

Happy New Year From Dug Production Sound, Inc.

For sound decisions and audible audio.