Friday, September 14, 2007

W.A.S.T.E.--September 2007 (CNBC & metal thiefs)

September 7th, Dug worked for CNBC on "Power Lunch". Making Money Across America Road Show is airing live in different cities once a week. They had hopes of broadcasting from the scenic roof of the Navy Pier complex, but rain and 50 mile an hour winds, put a quick end to that plan. Instead they shot downstairs under an awning and out of the rain. Lovely unpredictable Chicago. At least they missed the 80 mile an hour mini-tornado. Maybe the Windy City monaker doesn't just apply to the politicians.

Multiple days throughout September, Dug shot segments on metal theft for the city. He recorded interviews at ComEd, People's Gas, AT & T and CTA. If it was a Monopoly game, he'd be golden. Basically, scrap metal guys are stealing cables, gas meters, ground straps from substations, and phone wire that usually amounts to under a hundred bucks payout, but costs thousands to replace. I guess, for the scrap collectors, it's more like the game of Life, but the car's a rusty truck, they missed the college degree space, and the twins need to be fed.

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