Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dugsound Inc. Business Boomin'

The TV industry may not be boomin' in this economy, but Dug's still boomin'...and mixin'... So we'll shortly have a "best of" the last 6 months up for perusing. Dug Sound, Inc. will now be available on Facebook, so we'll be making regular updates.

I also hope to run regular posts on what's on the air or already aired/on line. Some companies are touchy about bloggers blowing their plot secrets in advance. But once the shows Dug has worked on are public knowledge, they're fair game.

I'm also compiling a regular SWAG n TAG section, featuring a "best of" those staples of TV work.........free stuff, like Chicago Paranormal Detectives glassware, little plastic men in blue and glow in the dark shirts. The tag photos will feature cool, weird lanyards and tags, like the FBI ones that explode with pink dye when your visitor pass day is over.

So, as soon as I figure out how to get this blog linked up with the Facebook, Dug Production Sound, Inc. page, and all that good stuff, you too can stalk Dug and all the sordid characters and assorted associates he has the pleasure to work with. Enjoy.

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