Friday, August 21, 2009

These Guys Really Know How To Clean Up--Living Lands and Waters

One of Dug's more interesting, and philanthropic gigs this spring, was shooting a river clean up with chemical giant, ADM, and the river warriors from Living Lands and Waters. They all met up in Quincy, IL on for a full day of river resuscitation.

Living Lands and Waters runs numerous river clean up missions and specializes in corporate volunteer days. Big business brings the manpower and Living Lands brings the boats and teams knowledgeable in sorting and recycling the various flotsam.

Chad, one of the founders, was hilarious and kept the volunteers entertained and working hard, with friendly competitions between boats and goofy jokes. At one point he flexed his biceps and said, "Call the vet, 'cause these puppies are sick."

If you like to geek out on fun statistics, check out their web site where they keep a running "River Stats" tally of found objects like:

83 toilets
587 milk crates
128 BBQ grills
181 coolers
55,301 tires
12,322 balls
42 messages in bottles ............

These guys clean up pretty good. April 4th, 2009

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