Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Amazing Wedding Cakes by The Cakegirls

Last weekend, Dug worked on the show, Amazing Wedding Cakes, and spent the day following the creations of Chicago's own Cakegirls.


Cakegirls is a custom cake studio located in the trendy Roscoe Village neighborhood of north Chicago. An experiment in cake design, Cakegirls has traveled a long road to success, which started in Rochester, Michigan where sisters Brenda and Mary Maher spent years sharing a room, sharing coloring books and most importantly sharing their Easy Bake Oven.

Back in 2000 when we got married, I got a call from our Wicker Park based bakery, as we arrived at the wedding location, saying there had been a disaster. The top layer of our 4 layer wedding cake, to feed 125 people, had fallen into the 2nd layer and both were destroyed! Just what every bride longs to hear. I almost burst out laughing. It's a good thing we're pretty laid back people.

The refrigeration had gone out in the back of the delivery truck and they got stuck for hours in Blues Festival traffic trying to reach our idyllic, but somewhat remote, lakefront location, south of the city. The small top cake was a flourless chocolate and a bit dense, but it still shouldn't have happened. They returned to the bakery and were able to replace the damaged layers and more or less redesign the custom spirals and dragonflies before dessert time.

Fortunately, nothing that dramatic happened to The Cakegirls and their delicious designs, while on camera. The series is already airing on We TV.

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