Monday, August 11, 2008

March/ April 2008-Factory Made series for Discovery Channel

March/April 2008--Factory Made series for Discovery Channel

Dug spent the majority of March and April traveling for the Discovery Channel for their show
Factory Made. First, he flew to Providence, RI and shot segments about nail guns and hurricane nails in the Bostitch plant. Dug was impressed by the hurricane simulator machine, which put pressure on a plywood simulated wall piece until it cracked.

Then he was off to Sarasota, FL to interview scientists at Gemesis, who are creating diamonds.

Next, Dug headed north to Spirit Lake and Okobogi, Iowa to the factory where Polaris Rangers and Victory Motorcycles are made.

The first week of April, Dug was on to bigger and faster things, with a trip south to Wichita and Independence, Kansas where Cessna builds their 2.6 million dollar Mustang Jets.

Dug thoroughly enjoyed flying in the Mustang that they filmed being built.

Camerman, Mark Niedelson, filming at Cessna in the paint booth

Dug's string of Factory Made episodes wrapped up back here in Chicago with a shoot in the Creators plant, where they manufacture popcorn makers and hot dog rollers.

April 2008--Equal Voice for America's Families

Dug traveled to Greensville to interview impoverished community members, so they could voice neighborhood concerns to Congress.

On his way back to the airport in Memphis, Tennessee, Dug snapped a few quick shots of Graceland, the message wall, and Elvis' plane-The Lisa Marie.

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