Friday, March 28, 2008

November 2007-Vince Vaughn, Green Network, Shooting Texas children

Dug flew to San Antonio in November, with KRT, to shoot Texas school children (No children were actually harmed in the making of this video). Pictured above is camerman, Anthony Florez. Over the past few years, Dug has worked on upwards of 20 different videos for Pearson's educational series for teachers.

Dug interviewed Vince Vaughn and Rachel Weiss at the November premier of "Fred Clause", for Celebtv. Now that the "Fred Clause" DVD is out, it also contains interviews in the bonus material, that Dug did earlier in the year.

Dug also continued to work for his long term, regular clients, Karl Productions. He has worked for them for over 12 years on local shows like "Crime Watch", "Connections", and shoots for the Chicago Fire Department.

He also worked for Production Craft, other long term clients. Dug has worked with them on shoots for MSNBC, the Board of Trade, Nancy Grace and CSPAN's "Book TV".

Dug shot new content for The Discovery Channel's upcoming proposed Green Network. He worked for two days at Green Build at McCormick Place, where hundreds of eco-friendly vendors networked.

Finally, Dug worked a press conference with Illinois Representative Bean.

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