Sunday, March 30, 2008

January-February 2008-- "Lock Down" for National Geographic

For three weeks, Dug trecked down to Joliet to shoot in Stateville maximum security prison for National Geographic. Our preschooler gleefully told her teachers and friends, "My Daddy's in prison." Fortunately his "incarceration" was short lived, since he said it was a bit depressing to go there every day. In the roundhouse, the last circular prison in the nation, the noise was overbearing. The residents yelled if they wanted to be noticed and make it on TV. And they yelled if they wanted the film crew to leave. Of course, all the inmates claimed that they were innocent. The "Nat Geo" Crew were good to work with and Dug's hoping his next gig with them is somewhere more warm and exotic.............where he can take his lovely family.............hint hint.

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